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The source code is comment but here you will found the basic things to know about this sample.

To enabled the load on demand function you have to change the ControlLoader of the navigation frame :
    <MEFLoader:MEFContentLoader />

Then you have to define UriMapping.
The mapped uri must be like : packagename.xap;page.

example :
<uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="Home/{Id}" MappedUri="mal.Web.Silverlight.MEF.Module1.xap;Home?id={Id}"/>
                        <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="Home" MappedUri="mal.Web.Silverlight.MEF.Module1.xap;Home"/>
                        <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="About" MappedUri="mal.Web.Silverlight.MEF.Module1.xap;About"/>
                        <uriMapper:UriMapping Uri="Page1" MappedUri="mal.Web.Silverlight.MEF.Module2.xap;Page1"/>

All pages must be flag with a customTag like this :
[ExportModulePage( NavigateUri = "Home")]  
    public partial class Home : Page

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